Elizabeth A Fedor

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Studies have shown significant changes in lymphocytes during continuous exercise, but little has been shown on the effect of repeated high intensity bouts. This study was designed to examine the effect of repeated intermittent bouts on lymphocyte subset cell count, apoptosis, and migration. A series of 6 Wingate anaerobic cycle tests were performed by(More)
This investigation assessed the lymphocyte subset response to three days of intermittent run exercise to exhaustion. Twelve healthy college-aged males (n = 8) and females (n = 4) (age = 26 ± 4 years; height = 170.2 ± 10 cm; body mass = 75 ± 18 kg) completed an exertion test (maximal running speed and VO2max) and later performed three consecutive days of an(More)
Exercise is a physiological stimulus capable of inducing apoptosis in immune cells. To date, various limitations have been identified with the measurement of this phenomenon, particularly relating to the amount of time required to isolate and treat a blood sample prior to the assessment of cell death. Because of this, it is difficult to determine whether(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to determine the lymphocyte subset response to 30 min of moderate treadmill exercise during caffeine supplemented (6.0 mg.kg(-1)) and placebo conditions in caffeine-naïve and -familiar individuals. Seventeen individuals participated (caffeine-familiar = 8, caffeine-naïve = 9) completing two exercise bouts (caffeine(More)
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