Elizabeth A Deans

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The yolk sac membrane (YSM) of the chicken embryo is known to express delta-9 and delta-6 desaturase activities, suggesting that biosynthesis of the unsaturated fatty acids 18:1n-9, 20:4n-6 and 22:6n-3 might occur during the transfer of yolk lipids across the YSM. If so, this biosynthesis could help to satisfy the demands of the embryonic tissues for these(More)
The transfer of lipid from the yolk to the avian embryo is mediated by the yolk sac membrane (YSM). Some, but not all, of the published morphological evidence supports the view that the lipid undergoes a cycle of hydrolysis and re-esterification during translocation across the YSM. The present study aims to test this view by investigating the capacity of(More)
During avian development, lipoproteins derived from yolk lipid are assembled in the yolk sac membrane (YSM) for secretion into the embryonic circulation. To investigate how yolk polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential for the development of certain tissues, are distributed among the lipid classes of the lipoproteins, pieces of YSM were incubated in vitro(More)
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