Elizabeth A. Davis

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This study is presenting the translation and cultural adaptation into Greek of the Quality of Life in Epilepsy Inventory (QOLIE-31). We adapted the QOLIE-31 to Greek through a procedure of translation-back-translation. Sixty-three patients were interviewed and completed the QOLIE-31 and the GHQ questionnaires. We re-examined a subset of them after a period(More)
One of the most effective tools for lifelong learning is the ability to reflect and learn from past experience. Reflection helps to clarify our understanding of the world and to create new distinctions and possibilities for the future. It is a way of creating intention. By putting our attention on the perception of what has happened and what we want to(More)
In this paper, we discuss the design and study of a guidance and prompting system for a technology-based learning environment used in science classrooms. We focus briefly on how the tool has evolved through several years of iterative refinement, how the tool has been used by students in different curricular contexts for different epistemic practices, and(More)
OBJECTIVE A key milestone in progress towards providing an efficacious and safe closed-loop artificial pancreas system for outpatient use is the development of fully automated, portable devices with fault detection capabilities to ensure patient safety. The ability to remotely monitor the operation of the closed-loop system would facilitate future(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to reexamine the neurocognitive function of a cohort of young adults with early-onset type 1 diabetes and compare their cognitive function to a matched control group. We also examined whether cognitive function was related to prospectively obtained severe hypoglycemia history, long-term glycemic control, or severe(More)
OBJECTIVE The advent of sensor-augmented pump therapy with a low-glucose suspend (LGS) function (Medtronic Paradigm Veo System), allowing insulin to be automatically suspended for up to 2 h when sensor glucose falls below a preset threshold, has the potential to reduce the duration of hypoglycemia. In this article, we analyzed blood glucose profiles(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the separate and combined effects of high-protein (HP) and high-fat (HF) meals, with the same carbohydrate content, on postprandial glycemia in children using intensive insulin therapy (IIT). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Thirty-three subjects aged 8-17 years were given 4 test breakfasts with the same carbohydrate amount but varying(More)
Efforts to improve operating room efficiency may threaten clinician training. Therefore, we designed a prospective, observational study to determine the actual time spent teaching anesthesiology residents during the interval from patient-on-table to skin incision and to determine whether anesthesia teaching in the peri-induction period increases the time to(More)