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The solitary tract nucleus (NTS) is the termination site for cranial visceral afferents-peripheral primary afferent neurons which differ by phenotype (e.g. myelinated and unmyelinated). These afferents have very uniform glutamate release properties calculated by variance mean analysis. In the present study, we optical measured the inter-terminal release(More)
Several tropical grasses harbor symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria within their stem and rhizome tissue that may contribute to the nitrogen nutrition of the host plant. We present evidence here that sand dune grasses (Ammophila arenaria and Elymus mollis) from Oregon also contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Surface-sterilized stem and rhizome tissue from(More)
OBJECTIVES In this 2-center study, we assessed the technical feasibility and reliability of a low cost, tablet-based mobile telestroke option for ambulance transport and hypothesized that the NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS) could be performed with similar reliability between remote and bedside examinations. METHODS We piloted our mobile telemedicine system in 2(More)
Over the past several decades, much of the developed world has experienced a sustained reduction in age-standardized stroke mortality and morbidity rates. For many of these countries, these improvements have translated into declines in absolute stroke mortality and morbidity as well. For example, stroke had been the third-leading cause of death in the(More)
Prognostication of patients who remain comatose following successful resuscitation after cardiac arrest has long posed a challenge for the consulting neurologist. With increasing rates of early defibrillation, out-of-hospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and expanding use of therapeutic hypothermia, prognostication in hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy has(More)
In the modem hospital microbiology department, it is not feasible to investigate fully all routine urine specimens for the detection of bacterial infection of the urinary tract. Although increased numbers of leucocytes in the urine may enable selection of urines for comprehensive culture techniques, including direct antibiotic sensitivity testing, it is(More)
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