Eliza S. Shin

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Although polycystic liver disease has long been listed as a contraindication to transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) creation, two cases of TIPS placement in that particular clinical setting have been reported. Another case is reported in this article and the clinical course over 21 months of follow-up is examined. The discussion reviews the(More)
Renal ectopy is a relatively common congenital anomaly and generally remains undiscovered unless it causes obstruction or is incidentally demonstrated; however, asymptomatic anomalies may pose diagnostic dilemmas or complicate disease management, including the treatment of trauma. Consequently, it is important to recognize renal anomalies, including crossed(More)
AIMS To compare bacterial compositions of watershed run-offs released by a human settlement and a forested area, and to evaluate their role as carriers of antibiotic resistance and virulence genes. METHODS AND RESULTS Run-offs from a forested area and a small settlement in a tidal creek' s watershed were compared for bacterial composition and profiles of(More)
Development of a successful synthetic route to the racemic monoterpene 7R-paeonimetaboline-I is reported; extension of this methodology in an approach to synthesis of racemic paeoniflorigenone is also summarized. © 1997 Elsevier Science Ltd. As a result of their intriguing chemical structures and their occurrence in a wide variety of traditional Chinese and(More)
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