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From January to April 2006, 37 specimens of Hemidactylus mabouia were collected in houses, in the municipality of Barbalha (7 degrees 20' S and 39 degrees 18' W), Ceará State, Northeast Brazil. Among(More)
A new genus and species of a short limbed and slightly elongate gymnophthalmid lizard is described from the Atlantic rain forests of north-eastern Brazil. The new genus is also characterized by short(More)
Endoparasites associated with the small bromelicolous lizard Bogertia lutzae, a poorly studied phyllodactylid inhabitant of north-eastern Brazil, were studied. Fifty-seven specimens collected from(More)
Pentastomids can infect the respiratory tract of lizards, causing their death and as a result influencing the population size of hosts. Despite this, studies on rates of pulmonary infection of(More)
The endemic Brazilian Enyalius encompasses a diverse group of forest lizards with most species restricted to the Atlantic Forest (AF). Their taxonomy is problematic due to extensive variation in(More)