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In invertebrate photoreceptors, light elicits the opening of cationic channels to produce a depolarizing receptor potential. One hypothesis is that cGMP is the agent that gates the channels. It has been previously proposed that the light-induced rise in intracellular Ca2+ down-regulates phosphodiesterase activity, thereby eliciting an increase in(More)
Detection of fruit in tree images has been the focus of numerous studies. Although most studies considered approaches based primarily on color analysis, the major drawback of such approaches is that the fruit apparent color depends not only on variety or physiological stage but also on illumination, which is inherently non-uniform within the canopy, even if(More)
Plant protection problems are simulated by a system of ordinary differential equations with given initial conditions. The sensitivity and resistance of pathogen subpopulations to fungicide mixtures, fungicide weathering, plant growth, etc. are taken into consideration. The system of equations is solved numerically for each set of initial conditions and(More)
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