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Corruption and Its Discontents
The chapter provides a roadmap through the complex landscape of the global governance of corruption and an introduction to the implicit and explicit hypotheses on the factors and agents responsibleExpand
Corruption in the Public Eye: From Transparency to Publicity
What role is there for publicity in the global anti-corruption debate? This chapter introduces the concepts of " transparency " and " publicity " as analytical tools that account for differentiatedExpand
The Corporate Watergate
US claims on illicit corporate payments came to dominate global anti-corruption debates in the 1990s. This chapter traces the steps that led to the re-launch of global claims-making in 1989 and showsExpand
The Social Construction of Global Problems
One of the key tenets of James Buchanan’s political thought was the centrality of the status quo, embodied in Buchanan’s frequently heard axiom that “we start from where we are.” There is practicalExpand
The OECD Convention and Beyond: State-Powered Coalition Building in a Broken World
In the period 1994–1997 the foundations of the global anti-corruption governance were laid out. As this chapter shows, the success of the anti-corruption endeavor was to a large extent determined byExpand
The World Is Broken: The Social Construction of a Global Corruption Problem
This thesis examines the social construction of a global corruption problem by introducing a methodological framework from the field of sociology and adapting it to International Relations (IR). ItExpand
From global problems to international norms: what does the social construction of a global corruption problem tell us about the emergence of an international anti-corruption norm
This article examines the ontological contestation that is inherent to the emergence of an international anti-corruption norm. First, the article briefly analyses the compatibility of an agenda onExpand
Building a New World: Global Claims in the 1970s
The chapter examines the first anti-corruption discussions at global venues and the first instances of global institutional legitimation. Since the 1970s, claims on corruption within internationalExpand