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Energy recovery from tannery sludge wastewaters through photocatalytic hydrogen production
Abstract The presented work focuses on energy recovery through the photocatalytic conversion of sulfide-rich tannery sludge into hydrogen using CdS as a photocatalyst, platinum as a co-catalyst andExpand
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Comparative study of various advanced oxidation processes for the treatment of tannery wastewater
The leather tanning process generates a large amount of residue. The present work aims to apply an experimental design to assess several parameters of different advanced oxidation processes forExpand
Evaluation of corrosion inhibitors for cooling water systems operating at high concentration cycles
The present work aimed at evaluating AISI 1020 carbon steel corrosion resistance of a 6:4:1:1 (MoO 4 2― /HEDP/PO 4 3― /Zn 2+ ) inhibitor mixture present in a solution which simulates an industrialExpand
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Photocatalytic treatment of tannery wastewater using reduced graphene oxide and CdS/ZnO to produce hydrogen with simultaneous sulfide abatement
This paper addresses the photocatalytic treatment of sulfide-rich liming bath wastewater from tanneries in an oxygen-free atmosphere. The photoactivity assessment of composites obtained from cadmiumExpand
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