Elissaveta G. Arnaoudova

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The fungal family Clavicipitaceae includes plant symbionts and parasites that produce several psychoactive and bioprotective alkaloids. The family includes grass symbionts in the epichloae clade (Epichloë and Neotyphodium species), which are extraordinarily diverse both in their host interactions and in their alkaloid profiles. Epichloae produce alkaloids(More)
Background Effective tools for presenting and sharing data are necessary for collaborative projects, typical for bioinformatics. In order to facilitate sharing our data with other genomics, molecular biology, and bioinformatics researchers, we have developed software to export our data to GenBank and combined the export utilities with our customized and(More)
We propose a statistical method to test whether two phylogenetic trees with given alignments are significantly incongruent. Our method compares the two distributions of phylogenetic trees given by two input alignments, instead of comparing point estimations of trees. This statistical approach can be applied to gene tree analysis for example, detecting(More)
Background We have developed software called Phylotree as a toolkit for running experiments to study gene cophylogenies for genome evolution using distance-based methods. In particular, the toolkit has been instrumental in conducting processing-heavy experiments with the new “difference of means” statistical method. Phylotree was used to run experiments(More)
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