Elissa Wolfson

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The syndrome of traumatic spinal cord injury without spinal column fracture is well known and predominantly involves the cervical spine of children. One case of a thoracic spinal cord injury without bony abnormalities in an adult is reported, and the pertinent literature is reviewed. Although spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormality may exist,(More)
Isolated cervical spinous process fractures are common, but are usually considered to be inconsequential. Although such fractures may produce pain, complete recovery without residual symptoms is expected after conservative treatment, and neurological injury does not usually occur. The case of a patient with a persistently symptomatic C-2 spinous process(More)
The gambler's fallacy is defined as the avoidance of a winning outcome in a stochastic environment with a constant probability. We tested the possibility that the gambler's fallacy in humans is responsive to the amount of time between choice allocations. Two groups of subjects were placed in a six-choice betting game in which the choices were clustered into(More)
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