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The study explores the relationship between low BMI and illness patterns in four developing countries. Using probit analysis, the study finds small but statistically significant effect of low BMI on proneness to morbidity in Pakistan and Kenya but none in the Philippines and Ghana. The circularity of causation between low BMI and illness was addressed by(More)
The paper reviews the evidence to date on the nutritional links with productivity and then goes on to provide results from a multi-country study on the effects of increasing body mass index (BMI) on productivity. The research relating nutritional status to work capacity is more consistent than the research linking nutritional status to productivity. None of(More)
OBJECTIVES In China, considerable stigma surrounds sexual activity, contraception use and abortion among young unmarried women, and sex work remains illegal. This study examines characteristics of adolescent female sex workers (FSWs) associated with contraceptive use and abortion in Kunming, China. METHODS This cross-sectional study was conducted between(More)
OBJECTIVE In China, policy and social taboo prevent unmarried adolescents from accessing sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services. Research is needed to determine the SRH needs of highly disadvantaged groups, such as adolescent female sex workers (FSWs). This study describes SRH knowledge, contraception use, pregnancy, and factors associated with unmet(More)
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