Elison F Silva

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A very simple and rapid method for the determination of total mercury in fish samples using the Direct Mercury Analyser DMA-80 was developed. In this system, a previously weighted portion of fresh fish is combusted and the released mercury is selectively trapped in a gold amalgamator. Upon heating, mercury is desorbed from the amalgamator, an atomic(More)
This work proposes a particular approach to assess information about soil degradation from NOAA/AVHRR data. As erosive processes change physical and chemical properties of the soil, altering, consequently, the superficial color, monitoring the change in color over time can help to identify and analyze those processes. A methodology for the determination of(More)
The effects of ultrasonic wave on the conducting polymer polyaniline dissolved in DMSO were observed. The UV-visible, infrared and NMR analysis show that the polymer undergo a redox and doping transition when the ultrasound wave interacts with the polymer dissolved into the solvent. The proposed mechanism to explain these effects is based on the solvent's(More)
Chiral GC separation of (+/-)-2-allyl-2-carboethoxycyclopentanone (9) and the alcohols (+/-)-3-(hydroxymethyl)-5-carboethoxy-2-oxabicyclo[3.3.0]octane (7), (+/-)-2-allyl-2-carboethoxycyclopentanol (8), and their acetylated and trifluoroacetylated derivatives were investigated on three derivatized beta-cyclodextrins (CDs) diluted in SE-54 or 1701-OH:(More)
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