Elisha O. Ochola

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One of the biggest problems of ODL teaching/learning is that lecturers cannot get the feedback from students in time and modify the teaching materials and styles according to the interaction of students. The burgeoning Brain Computer Interface (BCI) created the possibility of assessing the activities of working memory which is closely related to the(More)
A wireless Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) provides the possibility of communicating anytime anywhere in a temporary arrangement in the absent of a pre-existing network infrastructure. However, this presents new security challenges in comparison to the conventional wired and wireless networks, as it is more vulnerable to malicious attacks due to its unique(More)
This paper addresses the features of Hough Transform (HT) butterflies suitable for image-based segment detection and measurement. The full segment parameters such as the position, slope, width, length, continuity, and uniformity are related to the features of the HT butterflies. Mathematical analysis and experimental data are presented in order to(More)
Wireless MANET presents new security problems in comparison to the conventional wired and wireless networks, as it is more vulnerable to malicious attacks due to its unique features. The MANET routing protocols require that the mobile nodes that form such temporal network cooperate with each other to achieve the desired routing purpose for the exchange of(More)
Black hole attack targets the network layer of the protocol stack by disrupting the routing service. In this type of attack, an adversary aims to disrupt the packets destined to a target node in the network. It achieves this by claiming that it has the freshest and shortest path to a target node. It then redirects all packets destined to a target node to(More)
Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) features such as open medium, dynamic topology, lack of centralised management and lack of infrastructure expose them to a number of security attacks. Black hole attack is one type of attack that is more common in MANET reactive routing protocols such as Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) and Dynamic Source Routing(More)
Institutions use the information security (InfoSec) policy document as a set of rules and guidelines to govern the use of the institutional information resources. However, a common problem is that these policies are often not followed or complied with. This study explores the extent to which the problem lies with the policy documents themselves. The InfoSec(More)
Communication is no longer restricted to areas with telecommunication network infrastructure due to the introduction of wireless mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) that makes it possible to communicate anytime anywhere, without the support of a pre-existing network infrastructure. Unfortunately, MANET comes with unique features which are neither common to the(More)