Elisha Moses

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We study the dynamic network of e-mail traffic and find that it develops self-organized coherent structures similar to those appearing in many nonlinear dynamic systems. Such structures are uncovered by a general information theoretic approach to dynamic networks based on the analysis of synchronization among trios of users. In the e-mail network, coherent(More)
Beyond the information stored in pages of the World Wide Web, novel types of "meta-information" are created when pages connect to each other. Such meta-information is a collective effect of independent agents writing and linking pages, hidden from the casual user. Accessing it and understanding the interrelation between connectivity and content in the World(More)
In order to use linguistic knowledge to build intelligent applications in large-scale environments such as the World Wide Web (WWW), it is vital that methods of determining meaning and recognizing ambiguity should be automatic and empirical. Methods for learning meaning must be simple, adaptive and scalable. We introduce two complementary approaches for(More)
Gradual disruption of the actin cytoskeleton induces a series of structural shape changes in cells leading to a transformation of cylindrical cell extensions into a periodic chain of "pearls." Quantitative measurements of the pearling instability give a square-root behavior for the wavelength as a function of drug concentration. We present a theory that(More)
A capability for scanning electron microscopy of wet biological specimens is presented. A membrane that is transparent to electrons protects the fully hydrated sample from the vacuum. The result is a hybrid technique combining the ease of use and ability to see into cells of optical microscopy with the higher resolution of electron microscopy. The(More)
Dissociated neurons were cultured on lines of various lengths covered with adhesive material to obtain an experimental model system of linear signal transmission. The neuronal connectivity in the linear culture is characterized, and it is demonstrated that local spiking activity is relayed by synaptic transmission along the line of neurons to develop into a(More)
In an experiment on thin flat strips falling through a fluid in a vertical cell, two fundamental motions are observed: side-to-side oscillation (flutter) and end-over-end rotation (tumble). At high Reynolds number, the dimensionless similarity variable describing the dynamics is the Froude number Fr, being the ratio of characteristic times for downward(More)
Thoughts and ideas are multidimensional and often concurrent, yet they can be expressed surprisingly well sequentially by the translation into language. This reduction of dimensions occurs naturally but requires memory and necessitates the existence of correlations, e.g., in written text. However, correlations in word appearance decay quickly, while(More)
Eytan and Marom (2006 J. Neurosci. 26 8465–76) recently showed that the spontaneous bursting activity of rat neuron cultures includes ‘firstto-fire’ cells that consistently fire earlier than others. Here, we analyze the behavior of these neurons in long-term recordings of spontaneous activity of rat hippocampal and rat cortical neuron cultures from three(More)