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This thesis is a collection of three essays analyzing the interplay between aging and the labor market. The first chapter demonstrates that differential treatment by age exists in labor markets and explores different possible explanations for this differential treatment. As the baby boom cohort reaches retirement age, demographic pressures on public(More)
This thesis is a collection of three essays on education and health in developing countries. Chapter 1 shows that increasing perceived returns to education strengthens incentives for schooling when agents underestimate the actual returns. I conducted a field experiment in Madagascar to study alternative ways to provide additional information about the(More)
Economies around the world are marked by major interventions in credit markets. Institutions ranging from central banks to the Grameen Bank operate under the assumptions that credit markets are imperfect, that these imperfections can be ameliorated, and that doing so increases output. There is surprisingly little empirical support for these propositions.(More)
This thesis consists of three studies of labor markets where differences in talent are associated with very large differences in income. The unifying theoretical feature is the view that the analysis of such labor markets should take into account the scarcity of jobs, which is a natural consequence of the combination of finite demand and positive production(More)
The Labor Market of the Early Roman Empire Ancient Rome was a slave society. Hopkins was the Ž rst to assert that Rome was one of only Ž ve slave societies in recorded history, a view adopted quickly by Finley. This characterization is important because slavery is used as a sign of a non-market economy, which, in turn, is a classiŽ cation within the(More)
The first essay explains why credit contracts in developing countries are often denominated in foreign currencies, even after many of these economies succeeded in controlling inflation. I propose a new interpretation based on the demand for insurance against real aggregate shocks. The fact that devaluations occur more frequently in adverse states of the(More)
This dissertation is a collection of three essays exploring the impact of incentives on participation in public education and health programs. The first two essays analyze the demand for Special Education (a program for disabled children) in the U.S., while the third essay explores the demand for subsidized anti-malaria products in Kenya. The first chapter(More)
This thesis studies the determinants of sovereign lending spreads. The objective of the first chapter is to identify and disentangle various risks embodied in foreign currency denominated sovereign bond spreads. Its empirical approach tries to attribute the explanatory power of country fundamentals in a spread equation to their predictive power for default(More)
Chapter 2 analyzes a simple evolutionary model of residential segregation based on decentralized racism which extends Schelling's (1972) well-known tipping model by allowing for local interaction among residents. The richer set-up explains not only the persistence of ghettos, but also provides a mechanism for the rapid transition from an all-white to an(More)