Eliseu Paglioli Neto

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The purpose of this study was to assess the cortical representation of sensorimotor functions in patients undergoing perirolandic epilepsy surgery, focusing on somatotopy, mosaicism, and variability of function in relation to the classic motor homunculus. The authors studied 36 patients in whom intraoperative or extraoperative electrical cortical(More)
We analyzed the effect of the acylpolyaminetoxin JSTX-3 on the epileptogenic discharges induced by perfusion of human hippocampal slices with artificial cerebrospinal fluid lacking Mg2+ or N-methyl-D-aspartate. Hippocampi were surgically removed from patients with refractory medial temporal lobe epilepsy, sliced in the surgical room and taken to the(More)
West Syndrome, autism and epilepsy: Resolution of the epilepsy and recover of autism after surgery Introduction: Some reports have indicated that one third of children with autistic spectrum disorder will present at least one seizure untill early adolescence. The association between autism and epilepsy is recognized but remains unresolved and poorly(More)
Falsa lateralização no EEG de escalpo na epilepsia mesial temporal por esclerose hipocampal – relato de casos RESUMO Introdução: A epilepsia do lobo temporal Mesial (ELMT) associada à esclerose hipocampal (EH) neces-sita muitas vezes de tratamento cirúrgico. Para tanto, é necessário identificar um foco unilateral das crises. Na maioria das vezes, a EH(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare semicontinuous cardiac output (CCO) with bolus cardiac output (BCO), in the immediate postoperative period after valvular surgery, under hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass with two CCO pulmonary artery catheters, based on the pulsed warm thermodilution technique, i.e., Opti-Q from Abbott or IntelliCath from Baxter-Edwards (Abbott and(More)
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