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The emerging of quality of service (QoS)-enabled broadband wireless access technologies brings internetworking facilities by allowing the development of systems with high speed communications as well as service differentiation and bandwidth guarantees for communication sessions. The end-to-end QoS control in heterogeneous environments, where networks may be(More)
In this paper we propose, design, and test a self-adaptive Traffic Engineering (TE) scheme for multihomed stub Autonomous Systems (ASes). This scheme is based on a reduced set of self-adaptive and collaborative Smart Routing Managers (SRMs), which are exclusively located at those multihomed stub ASes participating in our scheme. These SRMs are able to(More)
Numerical modeling of heat transfer during solidification has become widespread in the foundry industry. This is because it is possible to investigate the effects of adjustment to the casting variables on final casting quality, without having to do costly trial-and-error experiments. After selecting a suitable mathematical model, one has to choose an(More)
The present study shows the experimental and numerical results of thermal gasification of biomass, on the energy potential of agro-industrial waste from the Portalegre region. Gasification tests were performed in a pilot-scale fluidized bed gasifier, in order to study the behavior of peach stones and miscanthus to investigate the effect of gasification(More)
We have developed a procedure for nonradioactive single strand conformation polymorphism analysis and applied it to the detection of point mutations in the human tumor suppressor gene p53. The protocol does not require any particular facilities or equipment, such as radioactive handling, large gel units for sequencing, or a semiautomated electrophoresis(More)
Multihoming in combination with route optimization tools working in short timescales is becoming a common practice in order to improve end-to-end QoS at the edge of the Internet. Nevertheless, the stability repercussions of these selfish practices under massive utilization are absolutely unpredictable. Therefore, self-adaptive mechanisms will be inevitable(More)
With the workmanship decrease in farms, the necessity to rationalize the use of other inputs and the development of technology has rapidly expanded the use of computer simulation in agricultural systems. One of the agricultural systems in which the modeling process of plant growth has been more engaged is the greenhouse production for horticultural crops.(More)
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