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Formaldehyde oxidation was studied on the basal planes of platinum single crystals. Electrochemical and IR spectroscopy data give new information on the mechanism of oxidation. Formaldehyde oxidation at platinum electrodes is a surface-sensitive reaction. From the three basal planes of Pt(hkl), Pt(111) is the most active one. The less active surfaces(More)
Polycarbonate membranes (PCM) of various pores sizes (400, 200, 100 and 50 nm) were used as templates for gold deposition. The electrodeposition from gold ions resulted in the formation of gold nanotubes when large pores size PCMs (400 and 200 nm) were used. On the other hand, gold nanowires were predominant for the PCMs with smaller pores size (100 and 50(More)
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