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Hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) is a thermochemical conversion process through which it is possible to directly treat a wet organic substrate with reduced process efforts. The main interesting product obtainable by HTC is the so-called " hydrochar " , that is a solid enriched in carbon and with chemical characteristics comparable to those of fossil coals.(More)
Non-sooting counterflow diffusion flames have been studied both computationally and experimentally, using either JP-8, or a six-component JP-8 surrogate mixture, or its individual components. The computational study employs a counterflow diffusion flame model, the solution of which is coupled with arc length continuation to examine a wide variety of inlet(More)
This paper presents the approach and the results of a kinetic generator in the area of hydrocarbon pyrolysis mechanisms. Radical formation and successive radical decomposition are taken into account. Care is paid to the description of molecule identification procedure and to its homomorphism which enables unique and no ambiguous reactions. New results(More)
This work presents a general mathematical model of a fixed bed gasifier, where both the transport resistances and the chemical kinetics are important at the reactor and the particle scale. Pyrolysis and gasification of the solid fuel (coal, plastics, biomasses or wastes) is only the first step of the whole process. Successive gas phase reactions of the(More)
  • E. Ranzi, L. Mayr, K. Oberhammer
  • 2008
Die ~mmer mehr um sich greifertde Elektr i f iz ierung der Betriebe ist naturgem~B mit einer absoluten Zunahme der elektrisehen Unf~lle verbunden, und doch ist man v,erwundert, dab trotz der weiten Verbre i tuag des elektrisehen Stromes d~e Anzahl der Verletzungen kein, e grSBere ist. Jaeger, der sieh in verschiedenen Arbeiten aus der Klinik Clairmont mit(More)