Eliseo Ranzi

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Non-sooting counterflow diffusion flames have been studied both computationally and experimentally, using either JP-8, or a six-component JP-8 surrogate mixture, or its individual components. The computational study employs a counterflow diffusion flame model, the solution of which is coupled with arc length continuation to examine a wide variety of inlet(More)
In this paper we describe and apply a parallel code, named KPPSMOKE, for the prediction of pollutant emissions from combustion devices operating in turbulent conditions. The approach is based on the kinetic post-processing of CFD simulations, which are transformed into equivalent networks of perfectly stirred reactors and solved using a detailed kinetic(More)
The modeling of thermal reaction furnaces of Sulfur Recovery Units (SRUs) is a rather complex problem since it involves different modeling scales such as the kinetic/molecular scale, the reactor scale, and the chemical process scale. This work introduces the multi-scale modeling approach to characterize the kinetic and reaction engineering scales for the(More)
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