Eliseo P. Vergara González

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Transgenic farm animals have been proposed as an alternative to current bioreactors for large scale production of biopharmaceuticals. However, the efficiency of both methods in the production of the same protein has not yet been established. Here we report the production of recombinant human growth hormone (hGH) in the milk of a cloned transgenic cow at(More)
The exhaustion of natural resources has increased petroleum prices and the environmental impact of oil has stimulated the search for an alternative source of energy such as biodiesel. Waste cooking oil is a potential replacement for vegetable oils in the production of biodiesel. Biodiesel is synthesized by direct transesterification of vegetable oils, which(More)
Blastoferon, in the following referred to as the test product, is a pharmaceutical product of interferon beta la (CAS 220581-49-7) currently marketed as a biosimilar to the innovator Interferon beta la product (referred to as the reference product). Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamIcs assays are critically relevant to demonstrate similarity between(More)
Porcelains and resin composites exposed to acidulated phosphate fluorides (APF) have been reported to result in increased roughness, loss of weight, and loss of specular reflectance (gloss). Six samples of five commercial porcelains were subjected to five four-minute treatments with APF gels. Samples were then subjected to a nine-day cyclic staining(More)
To assess the effectiveness of routine glove use as a barrier technique in the dental operatory, the relationship between frequency of glove use and hepatitis B infection was examined. Hepatitis B screening results and information on infection control practices of 1,109 dentists who attended the 1985 annual session were compiled and statistically analyzed.(More)