Eliseo P. Vergara González

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Transgenic farm animals have been proposed as an alternative to current bioreactors for large scale production of biopharmaceuticals. However, the efficiency of both methods in the production of the same protein has not yet been established. Here we report the production of recombinant human growth hormone (hGH) in the milk of a cloned transgenic cow at(More)
A new method of outlier detection and data cleaning for both normal and non-normal multivariate data sets is proposed. It is based on an iterated local fit without a priori metric assumptions. We propose a new approach supported by finite mixture clustering which provides good results with large data sets. A multi-step structure, consisting of three phases,(More)
The exhaustion of natural resources has increased petroleum prices and the environmental impact of oil has stimulated the search for an alternative source of energy such as biodiesel. Waste cooking oil is a potential replacement for vegetable oils in the production of biodiesel. Biodiesel is synthesized by direct transesterification of vegetable oils, which(More)
Blastoferon, in the following referred to as the test product, is a pharmaceutical product of interferon beta la (CAS 220581-49-7) currently marketed as a biosimilar to the innovator Interferon beta la product (referred to as the reference product). Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamIcs assays are critically relevant to demonstrate similarity between(More)
Caffeine (CAF) is one of the most widely and regularly consumed biologically active substances. We use computer simulation approach to the study of CAF activity by searching for its possible complexes with biopolymer fragments. The principal CAF target at physiologically important concentrations refers to adenosine receptors. It is a common opinion that CAF(More)
BACKGROUND The intensive care department of the institution use drug solutions within higher concentration to avoid fluid overload. The purpose of the study is to prove the physical stability of different injectable drugs within high concentration (amiodarone 25mg/mL, isosorbide 0.60mg/mL, lorazepam 0.16mg/mL, noradrenalin 0.120 and 0.240mg/mL, salbutamol(More)
In this paper we describe the antigen recognition characteristics, variable region base and amino acid sequence, and performance as immunoaffinity chromatography ligands of two MAb specific to the alpha determinant of the HBsAg, derived from the same fusion. We show that the epitope recognized by CB-Hep.0 (IgM) is probably associated to an intrachain(More)