Eliseo Fernández

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Expanding on the results of previous contributions I advance several hypotheses on the interaction of physical and semiotic processes, both in organisms and in human artifacts. I then proceed to employ these ideas to formulate a general account of evolutionary processes (cosmic, biological, cultural, etc.) in terms of concrete generalization, where, in(More)
Biosemiotics—a discipline in the process of becoming established as a new research enterprise—faces a double task. On the one hand it must carry out the theoretical and experimental investigation of an enormous range of semiotic phenomena relating organisms to their internal components and to other organisms (e.g., signal transduction, replication, codes,(More)
A cluster of similar trends emerging in separate fields of science and philosophy points to new opportunities to apply biosemiotic ideas as tools for conceptual integration in theoretical biology. I characterize these developments as the outcome of a “relational turn” in these disciplines. They signal a shift of attention away from objects and things and(More)
The course of biological evolution is regarded by many authors as an ascending path toward higher levels of variety, complexity and integration. There are similar but partly conflicting accounts of the nature and causes of this ascending course. With the aim of reaching a unified conception I start by summarily reviewing three notable examples. These are,(More)
___________________________________________________________________________ 1 Natalia Abieva 2 Ted Baenziger 3 Marcello Barbieri 4 Gérard Battail 5 Peter Barlow 6 Luis Emilio Bruni 7 Han-liang Chang 8 John Collier 9 Alfredo Dinis 10 Claus Emmeche et al.. 11 Marcella Faria 12 Don Favareau 13 Eliseo Fernandez 14 Isabel Ferreira 15 Franco Giorgi 16 Peter(More)
In the above citation, taken from a letter to Lady Welby, Charles S. Peirce introduces one of his usual neologisms, variescence, to name his concept of cosmic progress. What can be the meaning of such expression? In what follows an answer to this question is offered by pointing to a close connection between some peculiar ideas of Peirce, generally forgotten(More)
We propose to explore some problems and deficiencies in current approaches to biosemiotics and offer some tentative solutions or improvements. For these purposes we approach our field not so much as a separate discipline but rather as a program for a radical re-conceptualization and generalization of theoretical biology in light of the essential role played(More)
I would like to present some new perspectives on the reciprocal foundational links which are discernable between general semiotics, anthroposemiotics and biosemiotics. To that end I offer an examination of the peculiar place occupied by temporal relations within the relational framework of semiotics. I support these considerations by drawing on previous(More)