Elise Regen

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Successful prairie restoration will depend in part on convincing private landowners with agricultural and recreational use goals to implement appropriate rangeland management practices, such as prescribed burning and cattle grazing, to control invasive species and encroachment of woody plants. However, landowners have been slow to adopt appropriate(More)
BACKGROUND The national evaluation of general practitioner (GP) commissioning pilots was commissioned by the Department of Health in 1997 as part of its Policy Research Programme. It was conducted by the Health Services Management Centre at the University of Birmingham. AIM To monitor the development of the 40 national pilot sites, identify the factors(More)
This article presents findings from a wider UK Department of Health funded evaluation of English Primary Care Groups (PCGs) and Trusts (PCTs). It presents qualitative research into the experiences of general practitioners (GPs) in these PCG/Ts and explores the extent to which GPs manage, or are managed by, these new organizations. Using the framework of(More)
A study of appointments to the boards of 59 PCGs covered by the 13 health authorities in the West Midlands found concerns about fairness, openness and transparency. There was concern about the lack of a competency framework for GP members. Health authorities questioned whether the lay members of boards were representative of the local population. Some(More)
A three-year in-depth evaluation of 12 PCG/Ts shows that much remains to be done in terms of commissioning. PCG/Ts need to be more active in tackling poor performance. Further delegation of responsibilities from health authorities to PCTs will be a challenge, given their reluctance to tackle service changes. GPs tend to dominate board meetings. More(More)
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