Elise Miller

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The TENDR Consensus Statement is a call to action to reduce expo­ sures to toxic chemicals that can contribute to the prevalence of neuro­ developmental disabilities in America's children. The TENDR authors agree that widespread exposures to toxic chemicals in our air, water, food, soil, and consumer products can increase the risks for cognitive,(More)
Neurotoxicology is entering a new phase in how it views and practices risk assessment. Perhaps more than any of the other disciplines that comprise the science of toxicology, it has been compelled to consider a daunting array of factors other than those directly coupled to chemical and dose, and the age and sex of the subject population. In epidemiological(More)
  • David D Prentiss, Elise Miller, Hooks, Barton A Forman, Steven A Gabriel
  • 2014
This work introduces a bilevel, stochastic optimization problem aimed at robust, regional evacuation network design and shelter location under uncertain hazards. A regional planner, acting as a Stackelberg leader, chooses among evacuation–route contraflow operation and shelter location to minimize the expected risk exposure to evacuees. Evacuees then seek(More)
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