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Experiments were designed to identify the neural cell type(s) responsible for the aromatization and 5 alpha-reduction of androgens in the rat hypothalamus. Primary cultures of fetal rat hypothalamic cells, which had enhanced neuronal morphology, were treated at various times after plating with kainic acid (KA), a neurotoxic agent which selectively destroys(More)
In most developed countries approximately 25% of adults with asthma are current cigarette smokers. Asthma and active cigarette smoking interact to cause more severe symptoms, accelerated decline in lung function, and impaired short-term therapeutic response to corticosteroids. Cigarette smoking may modify inflammation that is associated with asthma,(More)
In this paper, we describe EarSketch, an integrated curriculum, software toolset, and social media website, grounded in constructionist principles, that targets introductory high school computing education. We hypothesize that the use of collaborative computational music composition and remixing may avoid some of the engagement and culture-specific issues(More)
Cigarette smokers with asthma are insensitive to the therapeutic effects of corticosteroids. It is not known whether this insensitivity to corticosteroids in smokers affects tissue sites beyond the airways. A total of 75 asthmatic subjects (39 smokers) and 78 healthy controls (30 smokers) were recruited to an observational study. The cutaneous and(More)
OBJECTIVE To study maternal and neonatal effects of combination nucleoside analog therapy administered to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected pregnant women for maternal indications. METHODS A multicenter, prospective observational study was undertaken at six perinatal centers in the United States and Canada that supported regional referral(More)
This article presents EarSketch, a learning environment that combines computer programming with sample-based music production to create a computational remixing environment for learning introductory computing concepts. EarSketch has been employed in both formal and informal settings, yielding significant positive results in student content knowledge and(More)
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