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Both in rat left atrial heart and in aortic smooth muscle preparations, phenylephrine (PE) caused a concentration-dependent increase in force of contraction (FC) in the presence of atenolol (10 mumol/l), which was antagonized by phentolamine, prazosin and WB 4101 in a competitive manner. The pA2 values of the antagonists in the cardiac tissue were 10-20fold(More)
Purpose of the Study Older adults' self-care often depends on understanding and utilizing health information. Inadequate health literacy among older adults poses a barrier to self-care because it hampers comprehension of this information, particularly when the information is not well-designed. Our goal was to improve comprehension of online health(More)
Understanding and acting on online health information is increasingly a prerequisite for patient self-care. Therefore, inadequate health literacy is a barrier to self-care among older adults with chronic illness. The goal of our study was to improve older adults' comprehension of online health information. We extracted typical health texts from multiple(More)
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