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This thesis presents a new computer interface metaphor for the real-time and simultaneous performance of dynamic imagery and sound. This metaphor is based on the idea of an inexhaustible, infinitely variable, time-based, audiovisual " substance " which can be gesturally created, deposited, manipulated and deleted in a free-form, non-diagrammatic image(More)
This thesis proposes a model of creative activity on the computer incorporating the elements of programming, graphics, sound generation, and physical interaction. An interface for manipulating these elements is suggested, based on the concept of a disk-jockey turntable as a performance instrument. A system is developed around this idea, enabling optical(More)
This thesis explores technology and computation as elements of fashion. Far beyond the definition of clothing as a necessary protective covering, fashion exists as a way for people to express themselves to others, to reflect portions of their personality in their outward appearance , and to distinguish themselves as individuals. How can technology enhance(More)
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