Elisaveta Ivanova

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A flow injection on-line sorption system was developed for the separation and preconcentration of traces of Ag, Cd, Co, Ni, Pb, U and Y from natural water samples with subsequent detection by ICP TOF MS. Simultaneous preconcentration of the analytes was achieved by complexation with the chelating reagent 1-phenyl-3-methyl-4-benzoylpyrazol-5-one immobilized(More)
The electrothermal atomization of the volatile elements arsenic, antimony and thallium from a refractory metal platform consisting of a tungsten coil and/or a refractory metal foil with the dimensions of a conventional graphite platform was studied. Several combinations of refractory metal platforms were investigated, as follows: W platform; Ta platform; W(More)
Slurry sampling ETAAS was successfully applied to the determination of sodium impurities in single crystals of potassium titanyl phosphate (KTP) and potassium gadolinium tungstate (KGW). Platform atomizers coated with titanium carbide or tungsten carbide, respectively, were used in order to avoid sensitivity drift due to the changes in the composition and(More)
A flame AAS method is used for the determination of dopants and impurities in potassium titanylphosphate (KTP) single crystals. Sample digestion using sulphuric acid and hydrofluoric acid is proposed as being the most appropriate procedure. The effect of major and minor components in the sample solution on the analytical signal is studied. The content of(More)
A series of new cheating sorbents has been prepared by modification of styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer with different pyrazolone-containing amines. The substances were characterized by elemental analysis and infared spectroscopy. The complexation ability of the sorbents towards alkali, alkaline-earth, transition and precious metals has been studied. The(More)
Some new pyrazolones have been synthesized and their copolymers with styrene, methylmethacrylate and methacrylic acid prepared. The pyrazolones and their styrene and methylmethacrylate copolymers are insoluble in water but form chelate complexes with some alkaline-earth and transition metal ions. The water-soluble methacrylic acid copolymers do not form(More)
An on-line flow injection preconcentration-ETAAS method is developed for trace determination of cobalt in biological materials and natural samples by ion-pair sorption on the inner walls of a PTFE knotted reactor. The ion-pair is formed between the negatively charged cobalt-nitroso-R-salt complex and the tetrabutylammonium counter-ion. An enhancement factor(More)