Elisaveta Hristova

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Results from recent measurements of radiation gamma background at high mountain altitude, namely at Basic Environmental Observatory Moussala (42.11 N, 23.35 E, 2925 m a.s.l.) are reported. The measurements are fulfilled with several devices, namely IGS-421 gamma probe and MDU Liulin. A comparative analysis with previous measurements performed with SBN-90(More)
The basin-hopping algorithm combined with the Gupta many-body potential is used to study the structural and energetic properties of (KCs)(n) and (RbCs)(n) bimetallic clusters with N=2n up to 50 atoms. Each binary structure is compared to those of the pure clusters of the same size. For the cluster size N=28 and for the size range of N=34-50, the(More)
The lowest-energy structures for all compositions of Ni n Cu m bimetallic clusters with N = n + m up to 20 atoms, N = 23, and N = 38 atoms have been determined using a genetic algorithm for unbiased structure optimization in combination with an embedded-atom method for the calculation of the total energy for a given structure. Comparing bimetallic clusters(More)
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