Elisaveta G. Shopova

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This paper introduces in details a genetic algorithm-called BASIC, which is designed to take advantage of well known genetic schemes so as to be able to deal with numerous optimization problems. BASIC GA follows all common steps of the genetic algorithms. It involves real representation schemes for both real and integer variables. Three biased selection(More)
This paper is devoted to a robust steering control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) based on tuning of PID controller using Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Harmonic Search Algorithm (HSA). Tuning of PID parameters is important because, these parameters have a great effect on the stability and performance of the control system. A harmonic Search Algorithm(More)
In this paper, an important profit/environmental impact trade-off problem in dairy is presented as a multi-objective optimization problem. A Genetic Algorithm (GA) is used to find the conditions leading to the best compromise between both objectives. Two cases, at different weighting coefficients are considered to illustrate an enhanced effect of the(More)
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