Elisavet Konstantinou

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The scope of this survey is to examine and thoroughly evaluate the cluster-based Group Key Agreement (GKA) protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Towards this goal, we have grouped the WSNs application environments into two major categories (i.e., infrastructure-based and infrastructureless) and have examined: a) which of the cluster-based Group Key(More)
We present an implementation of an EC cryptographic library targeting three main objectives: portability, modularity, and ease of use. Our goal is to provide a fully-equipped library of portable source code with clearly separated modules that allows for easy development of EC cryptographic protocols, and which can be readily tailored to suit different(More)
In many cryptographic applications it is necessary to generate elliptic curves (ECs) whose order possesses certain properties. The method that is usually employed for the generation of such ECs is the so-called Complex Multiplication method. This method requires the use of the roots of certain class field polynomials defined on a specific parameter called(More)
In many cryptographic applications it is necessary to generate elliptic curves (ECs) with certain security properties. These curves are commonly constructed using the Complex Multiplication method which typically uses the roots of Hilbert or Weber polynomials. The former generate the EC directly, but have high computational demands, while the latter are(More)
Mobile devices have evolved and experienced an immense popularity over the last few years. Nevertheless, this growth has exposed mobile devices to an increasing number of security threats. It is thus for sure that despite the variety of peripheral protection mechanisms described in the literature, and the (post)authentication and access control techniques(More)
Embedded computing devices dominate our everyday activities, from cell phones to wireless sensors that collect and process data for various applications. Although desktop and high-end server security seems to be under control by the use of current security technology, securing the low-end embedded computing systems is a difficult long-term problem. This is(More)
We present a variant of the complex multiplication method that generates elliptic curves of cryptographically strong order. Our variant is based on the computation of Weber polynomials that require significantly less time and space resources than their Hilbert counterparts. We investigate the time efficiency and precision requirements for generating(More)