Elisabetta Sani

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Technological and fundamental developments in robotics can emerge from various sources like publications or international research plans. Among the various sources of analysis, patents results valuable in expressing the efforts performed both by companies and research institutions. This work takes the occasion of the fifty years of robotics for presenting(More)
This paper presents a novel Meta-Heuristic method for solving an extended Markowitz Mean–Variance portfolio selection model. The extended model considers Value-at-Risk (VaR) as risk measure instead of Variance. Depending on the method of VaR calculation its minimizing methodology differs. if we use Historical Simulation which is applied in this paper then(More)
Many factors point out the strategic role of technology information. There is an increased sense of urgency to acquire it among institutions and researchers. Patent information and relative analysis represent a wealth of information suitable to identify the state of the art of a specific technology field and its developments. In this paper we analyze a(More)
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