Elisabetta Pinna

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Various aryl 1-pyrryl sulfones were synthesized and tested as inhibitors of HIV-1. 2-Nitrophenyl-2-ethoxycarbonyl-1-pyrryl sulfone, the most active among test derivatives, was selected as lead compound of the aryl pyrryl sulfone series. The in vitro anti-HIV-1 activity and cytotoxicity of 41 compounds is reported. Some structure-activity relationships are(More)
Continuing our studies on the structure-activity relationships of some pyrazole nucleosides (1a-h) structurally related to ribavirin, tiazofurin and selenazofurin, we describe here the synthesis and antitumor/antiviral/antimicrobial activity of a new series of 1-tetrahydropyranyl-4-substituted pyrazoles. In this study, the tetrahydropyranyl moiety (THP),(More)
Cisplatin, cis-diammineplatinum(II) dichloride, is a metal complex used in clinical practice for the treatment of cancer. Despite its great efficacy, it causes adverse reactions and most patients develop a resistance to cisplatin. To overcome these issues, a multi-drug therapy was introduced as a modern approach to exploit the drug synergy. A synergistic(More)
A series of derivatives belonging to a new class of compounds (R4-todit) were highly cytotoxic to a panel of leukaemia- and solid tumour-derived cell lines (IC50 = 0.06-20 microM). The most potent compound was the butyl4 derivative (IC50 = 0.06-5.1 microM); T leukaemia and melanoma cells were the most susceptible cells to this inhibitor (IC50 0.06 microM(More)