Elisabetta Marta Colombo

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Results of Beauville imply that Zα is finite dimensional (cf. 2.5 below). In case A = J(C), the jacobian of a curve C, Ceresa has shown that the cycle C−C := C−(−1)∗C ∈ ZC is not algebraically equivalent to zero for generic C of genus g ≥ 3, which implies that for such a curve dimQ ZC ≥ 2. In this note we investigate the subspace ZWm of CHm(J(C))Q, with Wm(More)
Abstract. In this paper we give a geometrical interpretation of an extension of mixed Hodge structures (MHS) obtained from the canonical MHS on the group ring of the fundamental group of a hyperelliptic curve modulo the fourth power of its augmentation ideal. We show that the class of this extension coincides with the regulator image of a canonical higher(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY To review the current indications, to establish predictive factors of success and the safety of LC as a day-surgery procedure. METHODS Randomized clinical trials were searched on PubMed between January 2000 and June 2008 using "laparoscopic cholecystectomy", "day-surgery" as keywords. RESULTS A total of 20 trials was identified and(More)
Here we describe the ability of a high-density diamond microelectrode array targeted to resolve multi-site detection of fast exocytotic events from single cells. The array consists of nine boron-doped nanocrystalline diamond ultra-microelectrodes (9-Ch NCD-UMEA) radially distributed within a circular area of the dimensions of a single cell. The device can(More)
The ability to control and modulate the action potential firing in neurons represents a powerful tool for neuroscience research and clinical applications. While neuronal excitation has been achieved with many tools, including electrical and optical stimulation, hyperpolarization and neuronal inhibition are typically obtained through patch-clamp or(More)
Neurostimulation represents a powerful and well-established tool for the treatment of several diseases affecting the central nervous system. Although, effective in reducing the symptoms or the progression of brain disorders, the poor accessibility of the deepest areas of the brain currently hampers the possibility of a more specific and controlled(More)
The degeneration of photoreceptors in the retina is one of the major causes of adult blindness in humans. Unfortunately, no effective clinical treatments exist for the majority of retinal degenerative disorders. Here we report on the fabrication and functional validation of a fully organic prosthesis for long-term in vivo subretinal implantation in the eye(More)
An overview of the optical methods available to modulate the cellular activity in cell cultures and biological tissues is presented, with a focus on the use of exogenous functional materials that absorb electromagnetic radiation and transduce it into a secondary stimulus for cell excitation, with high temporal and spatial resolution. Both organic and(More)