Elisabetta Manconi

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This paper describes a wave finite element method for the numerical prediction of wave characteristics of cylindrical and curved panels. The method combines conventional finite elements and the theory of wave propagation in periodic structures. The mass and stiffness matrices of a small segment of the structure, which is typically modeled using either a(More)
The dispersion curves describe wave propagation in a structure, each branch representing a wave mode. As frequency varies the wavenumbers change and a number of dispersion phenomena may occur. This paper characterizes, analyzes, and quantifies these phenomena in general terms and illustrates them with examples. Two classes of phenomena occur. Weak coupling(More)
This article deals with a method for the time and space superposition of data acquired in the dynamical testing of large structures. The method permits two procedures comprising the integration of sets of measurements taken at different times and the integration of sets of measurements taken at different places. The latter is a very useful feature when(More)
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