Elisabetta Mancinelli

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This report provides the first account of the pathological changes associated with infection by Serratia marcescens in an adult male axolotl. The infection resulted in septicaemia with severe multifocal necrotizing myocarditis. The latter lesion evolved to cardiac rupture, haemopericardium and death resulting from cardiac tamponade. This animal was exposed(More)
The order Rodentia comprises more than 2000 species divided into 3 groups based on anatomic and functional differences of the masseter muscle. Myomorph and sciuromorph species have elodont incisors and anelodont cheek teeth, unlike hystrichomorph species which have full anelodont dentition. Diseases of incisors and cheek teeth of rat-like and squirrel-like(More)
Benzylpenicillin potassium (penicillin G) is a narrow-spectrum penicillin (active against Grampositive aerobes, facultative aerobes and obligate anaerobes), often used in rabbits for treatment of pasteurellosis, odontogenic abscesses and treponematosis. However, several dosages and treatment regimes have been advocated; three times daily, once a day, or(More)
Elisabetta Mancinelli is the first vet in Europe to embark on, and pass by examination, the European Diploma in Zoological Medicine with a specialty in small mammals. Having qualified in Italy, she came to the UK nine years ago to pursue further studies in exotic animal medicine.
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