Elisabetta M. Zanetti

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The purpose of this study was to establish whether players' perceptions in football competitions played on artificial turf can be influenced by the pitch under examination, the kind of infill material used, the weather conditions and by player's role in the team. A multifactorial statistical analysis was made of the results obtained from over 1600 U.E.F.A.(More)
Many applications in orthopaedic surgery require the creation of personalised design models that can serve as the basis for navigation in computer aided surgery systems or be used to create a personalised model to perform structural analysis during pre-operative planning or post-operative follow-up. The paper introduces a method for developing a(More)
The correct estimation of stem boundary conditions in hip arthroplasty cannot be performed simply by subtracting the prosthesis volume from the bone volume: the stem implant path needs to be taken into account. Digital mock-up is a technique commonly applied in the automotive field which can be used for this aim. Given a certain femur, a stem, and an(More)
This work analyses blunt abdominal trauma produced by driver-handlebar collision, in low speed two-wheel accidents. A simplified dynamic model is introduced, whose parameters have been estimated on the basis of cadaver tests. This model allows calculating the peak impact force and the abdominal penetration depth; therefore the likelihood of occurrence of(More)
Artificial turf is being used more and more often. It is more available than natural turf for use, requires much less maintenance and new products are able to comply with sport performance and athletes' safety. The purpose of this paper is to compare the mechanical and biomechanical responses of two different artificial turf infills (styrene butadiene(More)
OBJECTIVE To set up a prescreening tool for vehicle front-end design, allowing numerically forecasting of the results of EC directive tests, with reference to pedestrian lower leg impact. METHODS A numerical legform model has been developed and certified according to EC directive. The frontal end of the vehicle has been simulated through a(More)
BACKGROUND Double pelvic osteotomy (DPO) planning is usually performed by hip palpation, and on radiographic images which give a poor representation of the complex three-dimensional manoeuvre required during surgery. Furthermore, bone strains which play a crucial role cannot be foreseen. OBJECTIVE To support surgeons and designers with biomechanical(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to describe the force generated by two different removal devices used to retrieve cemented crowns on implant abutments. The influence of six different operators was evaluated. MATERIAL AND METHODS Three replicated Coronaflex(®) (Kaltenbach & Voigt GmbH, KaVo Dental GmbH) and reverse hammer setups were tested. The(More)
The fundamental passive mechanical properties of the bladder need to be known in order to design the most appropriate long-term surgical repair procedures and develop materials for bladder reconstruction. This study has focused on the bladder tissue viscoelastic behavior, providing a comprehensive analysis of the effects of fibers orientation, strain rate(More)