Elisabetta De Cao

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The recent availability of survey data on social contact patterns has made possible important advances in the understanding of the social determinants of the spread of close-contact infections, and of the importance of long-lasting contacts for effective transmission to occur. Still, little is known about the relationship between two of the most critical(More)
In this paper I specify a height production function in order to study the determinants of height from birth to early adulthood in the Philippines. I use a rich longitudinal data set on Filipino children born in 1983 and followed for more than 20 years. The structure of the production function allows height to be the result of the accumulation of inputs(More)
Despite childhood vaccination programs, pertussis remains endemic. To reduce the burden of pertussis, various extended pertussis vaccination strategies have been suggested. The aim of this article is to evaluate dynamic models used to assess the cost-effectiveness of vaccination. In total, 16 studies using a dynamic model were included, of which four also(More)
We combine an instrumental variables approach –exploiting genetic variation in polygenic scores and controlling for population stratification– with a stochastic linear bi-dimensional matching model –which allows us to test the validity of the exclusion restriction. Individuals match on an additive index of overall marital attractiveness which has two(More)
This work is the first attempt to quantify the overall effects of a 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13) vaccination programme in the Dutch population taking into account all the direct and indirect effects of the vaccine on invasive pneumococcal disease. Using available Dutch data, a dynamic transmission model for the spread of pneumococci and(More)
The aim of the current study is to estimate the epidemiological and economical consequences of several extended pertussis booster vaccination strategies and to explore the impact of parameters surrounded by large uncertainty on the cost-effectiveness. We developed an age structured transmission dynamic model to evaluate the impact of programs targeting (i)(More)
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