Elisabetta Caruso

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The electromyographic (EMG) potentials of left and right masseter and temporalis anterior muscles were recorded in 23 healthy young adults during: 1. a 3-second maximum voluntary clench (MVC) on cotton rolls positioned on the posterior teeth (standardized recording); and 2. a 3-second MVC in intercuspal position. EMG potentials recorded in intercuspal(More)
Five patients with PRL-secreting macroadenoma and nine patients with PRL-secreting microadenoma or idiopathic hyperprolactinaemia were treated with monthly administrations of long-acting bromocriptine suitable for repeatable injections (Parlodel LAR) for 1-12 cycles of treatment. A significant shrinkage of tumour mass and the recovery of visual field(More)
The effectiveness and long-term tolerability of a new formulation of bromocriptine with slow gastrointestinal release (Parlodel SRO) has been evaluated on ten patients with macroprolactinoma, seven patients with microprolactinoma and five patients with nontumoral hyperprolactinemia during a period of 1-30 months. Six out of ten macroprolactinoma-bearing(More)
Intranasal desmopressin represents the treatment of choice in Central Diabetes Insipidus. Nevertheless, this route of administration bears some practical disadvantage, linked to either difficult delivering technique, or the status of nasal mucose. The antidiuretic effectiveness of oral desmopressin has been recently demonstrated, both in experimental(More)