Elisabetta Bruzzone

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To determine whether a correlation exists between aneuploidy and p53 status in astrocytic tumors we analyzed 48 astrocytomas with different grades of malignancy for the presence of p53 mutations and aneuploidy of chromosomes 10 and 17 (Ch10, Ch17), known to be particularly involved with this type of tumor. We used polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based(More)
The O6-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase (AT) activity in different kinds of human brain tumors was investigated. Twenty-seven brain tumors were analysed. Twenty-five of them showed proficient AT activity with values ranging between 20 and 722 fmol AT/mg protein. The two AT-deficient tumors observed were an oligodendroglioma and an astrocytoma. The(More)
Thirty-seven myasthenic patients were treated with therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) on different performance schedules using either random or single donor plasma. The two schedules had the same effects in terms of efficacy but single donor replacement gave significantly less side effects in the short and long term. A two exchange procedure on alternate(More)