Elisabeti Kira

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This work addresses the question of modeling the stress contours of Brazilian and Modern European Portuguese as high order Markov chains. We discuss three criteria to select the order of the chain: the Akaike's Information Criterion, the Bayesian Information Criterion and the Minimum Entropy Criterion. A statistical analysis of a sample of spontaneous(More)
We study a model in which two entities (e.g., plant species, political ideas, ...) compete for space on a plane, starting from randomly distributed seeds, and growing deterministically at possibly diierent rates. An entity which forms an innnite cluster is considered to dominate over the other (which then cannot percolate). We analyze the occurence of such(More)
This work concerns the rate of convergence for the Gibbs sampler (Glauber type dynamics) on connguration space S , where the index set is a nite subset of Z Z d with cardinality n, and the single-spin space S is a nite set with cardinality s. Under the Dobrushin-Shlosman condition, an explicit expression of the asymptotic order of convergence is provided in(More)
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