Elisabeth do Nascimento Silveira

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BACKGROUND Pneumocephalus (PNC) is the presence of air in the intracranial cavity. The most frequent cause is trauma, but there are many other etiological factors, such as surgical procedures. PNC with compression of frontal lobes and the widening of the interhemispheric space between the tips of the frontal lobes is a characteristic radiological finding of(More)
Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF-1) is one the most common autosomal dominant conditions affecting the nervous system 1. Plexiform neurofibroma (PN) is a benign tumor that basically defines the diagnosis of NF-1. These entities consist of multiple, twisted masses that grow along the axis of a large nerve, infiltrating and separating normal nerve fascicles.(More)
OBJECTIVE Infection of a subdural hematoma is an unusual cause of subdural empyema, with fewer than 50 cases reported in the literature. The appropriate surgical option for this entity has not been determined because of its rarity. We present a case report of a post-traumatic subdural hematoma infected with Escherichia coli that was successfully treated(More)
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