Elisabeth Viles

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Although experimentation is a frequent activity of engineers, they usually use primitive strategies to carry on their experiments. A survey identifies the needs of using an efficient and practical technique for the experimentation. Although Six Sigma improvement initiative emphasized the use of Design of Experiments (DoE) for experimentation, engineers(More)
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A survey was carried out to characterize experimentation in three different European regions: the Baden-Wurttemberg region, The Basque Country and the rest of Spain. Results of the survey show that even though experimentation is a frequent activity, almost 95% of companies conduct experiments; the strategies used to carry them out are primitive. The(More)
Most engineers have surely heard of Design of Experiments (DoE) but are incapable of differentiating among the main approaches followed to implement it (Classical, Shainin and Taguchi). Therefore, this article gives a brief presentation of each approach used for Design of Experiments, in order to initiate debate about them. This will be valuable in(More)
Manufacturers have the challenge to increase productivity given complex manufacturing environments. A source that provides substantial levels of productivity is the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) metric, which is an indicator to improve not only equipment utilization; but also the overall manufacturing operations, because of the valuable information(More)
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