Elisabeth Tischer

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PURPOSE There are different therapeutic options in non-functional well to moderately differentiated (G1 and G2) pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (pNET) with unresectable hepatic metastases including systemic chemotherapy and novel molecular targeted therapies. Treatment with somatostatin analogs (SSA) as antiproliferative agents is optional. At initial(More)
BACKGROUND To assess the role of somatostatin receptor (SR) PET/CT using Ga-68 DOTATOC or DOTATATE in staging and restaging of typical (TC) and atypical (AC) lung carcinoids. METHODS Clinical and PET/CT data were retrospectively analyzed in 27 patients referred for staging (N = 5; TC, N = 4; AC, N = 1) or restaging (N = 22; TC, N = 8; AC, N = 14). Maximum(More)
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