Elisabeth Thibaud

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We propose an approach to spatial modeling of extreme rainfall, based on max-stable processes fitted using partial duration series and a censored threshold likelihood function. The resulting models are coherent with classical extreme-value theory and allow the consistent treatment of spatial dependence of rainfall using ideas related to those of classical(More)
BACKGROUND Primary amenorrhea due to 46,XY disorders of sex differentiation (DSD) is a frequent reason for consultation in endocrine and gynecology clinics. Among the genetic causes of low-testosterone primary amenorrhea due to 46,XY DSD, SRY gene is reported to be frequently involved, but other genes, such as SF1 and WT1, have never been studied for their(More)
BACKGROUND Premature ovarian failure (POF) is a heterogeneous syndrome, possibly due to mutations of genes involved in the normal development of the ovary and/or follicles. Based essentially on animal models, these mutations are associated with various ovarian phenotypes, from a complete absence of follicles to a partial follicular maturation. The aim of(More)
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