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First solvation shell of the Cu(II) aqua ion: evidence for fivefold coordination.
We determined the structure of the hydrated Cu(II) complex by both neutron diffraction and first-principles molecular dynamics. In contrast with the generally accepted picture, which assumes anExpand
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Identification of the Complete Photodegradation Pathway of Ethylenediaminetetra(methylenephosphonic acid) in Aqueous Solution
This study aims at investigating the abiotic degradation pathway of ethylenediaminetetra(methylenephosphonic acid) (EDTMP) simulated applying UV irradiation. The degradation of EDTMP and formationExpand
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1H-NMRD and17O-NMR assessment of water exchange and rotational dynamics of two potential MRI agents: MP-1177 (an extracellular agent) and MP-2269 (a blood pool agent)
The parameters that govern water proton magnetic relaxation (e.g. water exchange rates, and rotational and electronic correlation times) of representatives of two classes of Gd(III) complexes haveExpand
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A RAD Lauder Labor 1994 es 1998 kozott joval tobb, mint 10000 lakoterben merte meg a radon aktivitas-koncentraciojat az orszag kulonboző teruletein. Adatbazisunkra tamaszkodva megadjuk a lakoteriExpand
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Bolcske.Romische Inschriften und Funde.
Mosaburg und Moosburg.
Das tiefenpsychologische Paradigma des Unbewussten in der Fachliteratur der Individualpsychologie
Das vorliegende Pilotprojekt hat zum Ziel, einen Beitrag zur Qualitatsbeurteilung anhand der Empirisch-Hermeneutischen Textanalyse in Verbindung mit dem Empirischen Zirkel, zu liefern. Im Zentrum derExpand