Elisabeth Schumann

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The selenium content of serum, whole blood and hair was measured by neutron activation analysis in dietetically treated patients with phenylketonuria (PKU) and maple-syrup-urine disease (MSUD). Follow-up studies showed a decrease of the serum selenium content and the glutathione peroxidase activity of erythrocytes--a selenoenzyme--from normal values at the(More)
Late results of interventional procedures utilizing coronary stents are largely determined by the rate of restenosis. So far few data are available addressing the effect of stent design, implantation pressure and morphologic factors on this crucial variable. Therefore we analyzed the coronary angiograms obtained in 259 patients before, immediately after and(More)
INTRODUCTION Gorham-Stout disease is a rare entity characterised by a massive osteolysis and typically starts monocentrically in an isolated bone. Concerning the pathogenesis, haemangiomatosis and an overstimulation of osteoclasts are discussed which cause a progressive destruction of the affected skeleton and involve neighbouring soft tissue in the further(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with small aortic annulus undergoing isolated aortic valve replacement face an often underestimated surgical risk. We describe initial clinical results and long-term follow-up of this particular high-risk group. METHODS Between January 1998 and December 2004, 148 consecutive patients with small aortic annulus underwent isolated aortic(More)
1812 patients with mastocarcinomas were submitted to a combined therapy (surgery and radiotherapy); 34.2% of them developed an oedema. This inflammation is a complicating factor because it may increase the oedematous tendency. The authors discuss the correlations between a disturbed defluxion and an erysipelas tendency as well as the risks of a chronic(More)