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Efforts at cumulative knowledge building in social gerontology have been lax, judging from research articles published in journals between 1990 and 1994. Too little attention has been paid to the cumulative development of theory; readers are left with many empirical generalizations but underdeveloped explanations by which to interpret findings and build(More)
Since 1988, there has been a commendable increase in concern for explicit theory development in gerontology. However, this has not been reflected in recent journal articles reporting empirical research. We summarize some central issues in the recent history of gerontological theory-building, noting both "progress" and "pitfalls." Have there been(More)
BACKGROUND Recruitment into research studies in the neonatal intensive care unit has been problematic. Therefore suggestions have been made to take decision making about enrollment out of the hands of the parents. OBJECTIVE To understand parental perceptions of the process of recruitment and enrollment for research in the neonatal intensive care unit. (More)
This cross-sectional, correlational study, guided by the information-motivation-behavioral skills model and self-efficacy theory, investigated factors that may help to assess the HIV prevention needs of older adults. The nonrandom sample (N = 106) included single men and women, 50-74 years of age, who were either sexually active or had plans to be sexually(More)
Neonatal intensive care nurses are often involved in research protocols as investigators, research assistants or staff nurses implementing the protocol and providing support and explanations to families. It is important, therefore, that nurses have information about parents' understanding of and attitudes towards the research process. The purpose of this(More)
Social relationships can have considerable influence on physical and mental well-being in later life, particularly for those in long-term care settings such as assisted living (AL). Research set in AL suggests that other residents are among the most available social contacts and that co-resident relationships can affect life satisfaction, quality of life,(More)
Wu, Yin, "Mind-body exercise and cognitive function: potential approaches to manage cognitive impairment-a meta-analysis." Thesis, ABSTRACT Cognitive impairment is prevalent among older adults population. It brings restriction to older adults' lives and bring huge burden to the society. Mind-body exercise has characteristics from both physical exercise and(More)
This research explores the association between sexual identity and sexual behavior and how that association varies across gender and race in the American Deep South. Multinomial logistic regression analysis is used to determine the likelihood of each sexual identity given past sexual behavior, sexual relationships, and other social characteristics. The more(More)