Elisabeth M Bothschafter

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The control of the electric and optical properties of semiconductors with microwave fields forms the basis of modern electronics, information processing and optical communications. The extension of such control to optical frequencies calls for wideband materials such as dielectrics, which require strong electric fields to alter their physical properties.(More)
We report on laser-assisted attosecond photoemission from single-crystalline magnesium. In strong contrast to the previously investigated transition metal tungsten, photoelectron wave packets originating from the localized core level and delocalized valence-band states are launched simultaneously from the solid within the experimental uncertainty of 20 as.(More)
We demonstrate the generation of waveform-controlled laser pulses with 1 mJ pulse energy and a full-width-half-maximum duration of ∼4  fs, therefore lasting less than two cycles of the electric field oscillating at their carrier frequency. The laser source is carrier-envelope-phase stabilized and used as the backbone of a kHz repetition rate source of(More)
The propagation and transport of electrons in crystals is a fundamental process pertaining to the functioning of most electronic devices. Microscopic theories describe this phenomenon as being based on the motion of Bloch wave packets. These wave packets are superpositions of individual Bloch states with the group velocity determined by the dispersion of(More)
We demonstrate the collinear generation of few-femtosecond ultraviolet and attosecond extreme ultraviolet pulses via a combination of third-harmonic and high harmonic generation in noble gases. The ultrashort coherent light bursts are produced by focusing a sub-1.5-cycle near-infrared/visible laser pulse in two subsequent quasi-static noble gas targets.(More)
Electric-field-induced charge separation (polarization) is the most fundamental manifestation of the interaction of light with matter and a phenomenon of great technological relevance. Nonlinear optical polarization produces coherent radiation in spectral ranges inaccessible by lasers and constitutes the key to ultimate-speed signal manipulation. Terahertz(More)
We describe an apparatus for attosecond photoelectron spectroscopy of solids and surfaces, which combines the generation of isolated attosecond extreme-ultraviolet (XUV) laser pulses by high harmonic generation in gases with time-resolved photoelectron detection and surface science techniques in an ultrahigh vacuum environment. This versatile setup provides(More)
We investigate the influence of carrier cooling dynamics in TiO(2) on the excited-state potential energy surface along the A(1g) optical phonon coordinate after above band-gap excitation using ultrashort ultraviolet pulses. The large amplitude coherent oscillation observed in a pump-probe transient reflectivity measurement shows a phase shift of -0.2π with(More)
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