Elisabeth Kain

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Recent proliferation of low-cost DNA sequencing techniques will soon lead to an explosive growth in the number of sequenced genomes and will turn manual annotations into a luxury. Mass spectrometry recently emerged as a valuable technique for proteogenomic annotations that improves on the state-of-the-art in predicting genes and other features. However,(More)
Minocycline (Min) and other tetracyclines were tested in vivo and in vitro for activity against strains of salmonellae harboring R factor-mediated chlortetracycline (A) resistance. Minocycline was more active in vitro against these strains than the other tetracyclines. Mice infected with these cultures responded to treatment with Min, but there was little(More)
An increased frequency of rough cultures with associated reductions in mouse virulence was detected after R-factor transmission into strains of Salmonella choleraesuis var. kunzendorf and S. typhimurium. All rough strains tested, with or without R factors, conferred protective immunity against challenge with homologous or heterologous species of Salmonella,(More)
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